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A little about me…

It’s my absolute privilege to be entrusted with creating a beautiful ceremony for what is, for some people, the most important life milestone they’ve celebrated so far. I feel very lucky and touched that so many couples have put this responsibility in my hands, and I work hard to ensure that the ceremony I design for them is a reflection of who they are, both as individuals and as a couple. It’s very rare these days to see the kind of raw emotion that we see at weddings, and I love it when my couples and their guests laugh and cry their way through my ceremonies!

You know how sometimes you go to a wedding and you could switch the name of the bride and groom for any other names, and it would make no difference because it’s just a generic set of words about love and marriage? That’s not my thing! I’ve developed a highly successful process to ensure I drag out all that lovely, mushy stuff about why and how you love each other, so I can write a ceremony that is absolutely unique, personalised and meaningful.

There are just 124 legally required words and the rest is completely up to you. However, it’s hard to build something from nothing, so I provide you with a comprehensive ceremony builder booklet full of ideas and suggestions that you may like to include in your ceremony. But don’t feel constrained by that: if you don’t like anything in the book, we throw it out and find something else! I’m especially open to including completely whacky ideas you’ve just thought up.

I draft almost everything I’m going to say on the day and send it to you for review, so you’ve got the opportunity to say “seriously, don’t say that at our wedding,” or “that’s completely awesome, we love it!” The most important thing to me is that your ceremony is everything you hoped it would be… and more!

I’m an award-winning, fresh, kind of dorky, hopeless romantic, who is completely in love with love! I’m highly likely to be just as excited (if not more so at times!) as you are about your wedding day, and I have been known to get a bit teary at weddings when I don’t even know the happy couple.

I have an immense passion for the performing arts and all pop culture, and would be delighted to incorporate quotes, readings, music or snippets from films, music, shows, or TV into your ceremony if you wish!

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