Meet Sarah Aird
Melbourne Marriage Celebrant, Funeral Celebrant and Trainer

As a Melbourne-based marriage celebrant and funeral celebrant, it is my absolute privilege to be entrusted with creating and performing personalised and meaningful ceremonies to mark important transitional life events.

As a wedding celebrant I work closely with couples on their civil marriage ceremonies; as a funeral celebrant I work with families on civil funeral ceremonies, and as a celebrant trainer I work with the next generation of Australian celebrants through my training activities.

If you’re looking for an award-winning, vivacious, professional celebrant, please choose the appropriate page below, or get in touch with me today! For information about my Marriage Celebrant Fees or Funeral Celebrant Fees, please click on the appropriate box below.

My Services


It’s my absolute privilege to be entrusted with creating a beautiful ceremony for what is, for many people, the most important life milestone they’ve celebrated so far.


It’s one of my greatest honours to facilitate the funeral process for family and friends who are grieving.


I’ve been sharing my knowledge with my celebrant networks since conducting my first wedding, and now I have the opportunity to share it with the wider celebrant population.

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