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This month’s awesome wedding reading is Because by Steven Reiser, and I think it’s a lovely collection of lots of reasons for getting married.



Because we have things in common

We have the joy of sharing them


Because we are so different

There is so much we can learn from each other


Because we love each other

We look for the good in the other


Because we are forgiving

We overlook the faults in each other


Because we are patient

We give each other time to understand


Because we are filled with kindness

We compliment the things we do for each other


Because we can empathise

We know what it’s like to stand in each other’s shoes


Because we have character

We enjoy each other’s uniqueness


Because we have faith

We believe in the best for the future


Because we are honest

We are comfortable to trust each other


Because we are filled with loyalty

We always know the other will be there