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The next set of vows in this series is from a “wedding” in April 2017. If you want to know more about this series, check out previous entries here!

A reminder: these vows are published to inspire you and provide you with some ideas for writing your vows; they’re not here so you can copy them word for word! Please also remember these don’t include the legally required vows – those words generally go at the start of these ones.



Today I get to tell you I love you like every day before. But today is different, because today in front of our family and friends, I get to promise that I will never stop. I want you to know how big my heart grows because of you. I want you to know that I am braver person because of you. I want you to know that the first time in my life I got to be honest about who I am and feel good about it was when I saw myself through your eyes.


I am humbled by the love you give me, but more than that I am driven because of it. Driven to find a way to repay the amazing light you have shone my way.


You are pure electricity. You leave every person who is lucky enough to cross your path inspired, energised, excited – so many of my friends want a boy just like you. You set the bar incredibly high for everyone else to live up to. You are top shelf, Mr D, and you are mine.


I love your smile and just how infectious it is. I love your arms and the fact they can’t fit into any shirt. I love that you can fall asleep in one second flat – anywhere and everywhere.


I love to hear you sing, I love that your voice makes me float and I love how you smile and sparkle when you are on stage, but most of all, I love your kindness – kindness to strangers, to friends and to our families. You are beautiful.


Three years in and I am ready for a truckload more. It has been pure magic. We have been there for each other in both happy and some less happy times. It has meant so much to me to always be able to come home and have you waiting with your arms open to hug, dance or laugh with me. When I am stressed, my favourite thing to do is to rest my head on your chest, listen to your heart, and let you calm me. Thank you for always being there. Thank you for always being thoughtful, finding beautiful cards and writing the exact right words. Thank you for looking after me.


We are a balanced seesaw and I love you so bloody much – I really am the luckiest.


In front of everyone we love I make a promise: I promise to surprise you in weird and wonderful ways. I will never take you for granted. I will challenge you to make sure you hit each and every one of your dreams – much like the one man show you will both write and sing in before the year is done.


I will be your biggest cheerleader. I will back you, I will support you, and I will never let you go a day not knowing your worth, your value and what you deserve.


You are going to smash this life, Mr D, and I am coming along for the ride… as your husband.



I love you. I love how you show me dreams can really come true. I love how you make me feel awesome each and every single day. I love how beautiful you are; beautiful in so many ways. Beautiful smile, beautiful outlook on life, beautiful love for family and friends. I love how much you love your dogs, I love how music gives you goose bumps and makes you float. I love how supportive you are, and how you always strive to expand the norm in making life magical together.


My promise to you. I promise that I will always do my very best to make you smile and laugh each and every day. I promise that I will always be the one overly excited each time you walk in the door to share my day with you. I promise to always try and guess what you’re about to say as if it was our favourite game show. I promise to love and share all the awesome stuff we do in life together, and I promise that I will always be there when it’s not that awesome. I promise to add colour to my traditionally beige platters, and I promise to tell you I love you every single day.