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The next set of vows in this series is from a wedding in September 2017. If you want to know more about this series, check out previous entries here!

A reminder: these vows are published to inspire you and provide you with some ideas for writing your vows; they’re not here so you can copy them word for word! Please also remember these don’t include the legally required vows – those words generally go at the start of these ones.



I promise to always be kind patient and forgiving, to honour you, to be your ally and your biggest supporter. I want to be your accomplice in mischief and I want to grow with you both as student and teacher. I promise to be a loving father and caring husband.


You push me, at times frustrate me, but most of all you bring out the best in me and I’m a better person with you in my life. You are my best friend, my rock, my everything.


I take you as my wife. To say I love you isn’t enough. To try and condense the depth of my feelings into a few words is impossible. It doesn’t tell of the respect I have for you, nor the tender and caring person you are, nor the joy I find in your laughter, nor the tears I hold back for your pain, nor the strength you give when I need it, nor the pleasure I feel in your touch. But if to say I love you means all these things then let me say I love you more each day.



As we both know, in the area of marriage I came from doubt. Now, I come from hope. I used to come from fear, now I come from love. When perfect love cast out fear, was the day I said I will say I do.


I want you to know you are my reminder of the word faithfulness, my proof of love and my reason for happiness. You just being you, and there really isn’t anyone like you, brings such radiant colour to my life. The way you carry yourself, your pride, strength and confidence, your determination and energy, are only a few of the reasons I love you. You are so beautifully unique, so perfectly created for me that I will remain forever grateful for all that you are, for all you have given and for all you continue to be.


Today, in front of our most cherished family and friends as my witness, I give to you my entire heart, my entire soul and my whole life to hold within your hands for today and every other day for rest of our lives.


I choose you above all others, to share my life in marriage, to give you my unending love, devotion and faithfulness. I promise to love and cherish you always, forever increasing over the passage of time. I promise to stand by you in all things and provide you warmth, tenderness, understanding and protection. I promise to speak to you with an open heart, to fully appreciate your presence in my life and to accept your entirety. I promise to always support you and encourage you in the fulfilment of your hopes, dreams and your life purpose. I am so proud and grateful to your person, to be your wife, to be your best friend, your partner in life. Thank you so much for making my dreams come true by just being you.