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The next set of vows in this series is from a wedding in December 2015. If you want to know more about this series, check out previous entries here!

A reminder: these vows are published to inspire you and provide you with some ideas for writing your vows; they’re not here so you can copy them word for word! Please also remember these don’t include the legally required vows – those words generally go at the start of these ones.



I love the way you love and care for me, I love the way you trust and believe in me, I love the way you always look your best for me and I love my life with you.


You have helped me become the person I am today, and with your support I will be a better man every day for the rest of our lives


When our way becomes difficult, I promise to stand by you and uplift you, so that through our bond we can accomplish more than we could alone. I am excited when thinking about our future, and that the possibilities are endless.


I will always love you without reservation, give you comfort, support you in each and every way, laugh (sometimes at you in your blonde moments), and share experiences with you, grow with you in every way, always be open, honest and forgiving, cherish and support you as long as we both shall live.


I love the way you love and care for me, I love the way you trust and believe in me, I love you, and I love my life with you.


I thank you for making me smile and for making me believe in miracles. You are the light that warms my days and brightens my nights.


I promise to be there when you need me, to fill your days with sunshine, to comfort you and encourage you, to help you reach your goals, to be your best friend and to love you all my life with all my heart.


Above all I promise to be your loving wife and always your best friend.


In you I have found the one who fills my heart with love. My heart belongs to you completely. I will love you forever.