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This is something I’m super passionate about, and I was reminded of it on several occasions at the expo over the weekend.

When I meet with couples at a wedding expo, I like to wax lyrical about how important personalised, meaningful and unique ceremonies are to me, and assure them that although I will provide them with lots of ideas about what they could include in their ceremony, I want to hear their ideas too so we can work together to build something that’s all about them.

Several times over the weekend I was interrupted in this explanation by a bride who told me, “oh, but we just want the quickest thing possible, because wedding ceremonies are SO BORING!!!”

You guys, wedding ceremonies do not have to be boring; nay, I declare they SHOULD NOT be boring! I know that everyone has been to a wedding that has been totally boring, but I promise you, that isn’t what I do. I work really hard when creating and performing my ceremonies to make sure my writing isn’t boring, my content isn’t boring, and my delivery isn’t boring. Wedding ceremonies should be fun, full of interesting and amusing stories, and beautiful words that make your guests feel something.

Here are just some of the not boring things that have happened at my wedding ceremonies:

One couple had a ring BEARer… The groom’s (adult) brother wore a full-sized bear costume in which to deliver the rings.


One couple had a dinosaur themed wedding including a dinosaur cake topper, a reading of A Lovely Love Story, and the rings being delivered by an inflatable Tyrannosaurus Rex on a remote controlled platform that was driven down the aisle at the appropriate moment.


One couple mixed a Jim Beam and Pepsi Max cocktail – these two drinks represented the bride and the groom, and together they were pretty awesome to drink (so I hear).


One couple got married in the goal square of the local football field.

Just take a look at a few of the photos below, taken at ceremonies I’ve conducted. Do any of these people look bored, or do they look delighted, thrilled, and emotional? That’s what I strive for in every single one of my ceremonies: raw emotion of all kinds, expressed without fear or trepidation.

So if you want to know more about personalised, meaningful ceremonies that are NOT BORING, give me a call – let’s chat!