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Some of my lovely couples invite me to their reception, which is an absolute honour, but I’m afraid I generally decline their kind invitation. Why is this?

Weddings are about being surrounded by your nearest and dearest, your family and friends. While we may have struck up an awesome friendship while we’ve been working together, I still don’t count myself as one of your nearest and dearest, and wouldn’t dream of intruding on your amazing party!

It’s also unlikely that I would know anyone there other than you, and I may have met your bridal party and your parents in passing. Weddings are great fun when you’re partying with your buddies and your family, but they can be less fun when you don’t actually know anyone in attendance. I’d be the odd one out!

So thank you for the kind and generous invitation, but unless I would have been invited to the wedding as a guest were I not being the celebrant, I’ll decline on this occasion. We can hang out on other, less important nights!