Grieving the loss of a loved one can be difficult and feel never-ending. The first few weeks after someone dies are filled with decisions and jobs and funeral planning and phone calls. But after the funeral, after everyone goes back to their lives, it’s not unusual to feel alone in your grief. It can be difficult to claw your way out, but help is available.

Grief organisations

Here are just some of the organisations I have come across that can help you manage your grief. I will continue to update this list as I come across more information.

First Light Widowed Association Inc: “We provide information, resources and community connection to young widowed people, to help them rebuild their lives and find new hope following the death of their partner.”

Red Nose: “Red Nose provides specialised bereavement support free of charge to any person affected by the sudden and unexpected death of a baby or child during pregnancy, birth, infancy or childhood.”

Motherless Daughters: “Motherless Daughters Australia is the leading organisation in Australia for mother loss support, research, and awareness.”

The Compassionate Friends Victoria (TCFV): “We provide peer-to-peer support services for individuals (18+ years) bereaved of a child, sibling, or grandchild.”

Griefline: “Griefline is here for you with free, compassionate and conflidential support every day of the year.”

Feel the Magic: “We’re here to support grieving kids and families.”

StandBy – Support After Suicide: “StandBy is Australia’s leading suicide postvention program dedicated to assisting people and communities bereaved or impacted by suicide.”

National Centre for Childhood Grief: “The NCCG provides a place of safety, nurturing and understanding. Our professional individual and group counselling programs help bereaved children and their families learn to live with their grief, build their coping skills and resilience and be empowered to live their best life.”

Grief Australia: “Providing everyone with the help they need, while fostering greater recognition and a deeper understanding of the grief experience, for all Australians.”

Crisis support

Please note the organisations above are NOT for crisis support. If you need help quickly, please contact one of the following:

Grief resources

Here are some resources that may prove useful to you in your grieving journey:

Is This Normal? A book about grief: “The book is intended to provide comfort and reassurance to those who have experienced the loss of a significant person, as well as individuals who are struggling with the grieving process. It emphasizes that readers are not alone in their experiences and that their emotions are normal and understandable.”

Deadly Serious Conversations podcast: My dearest celebuddy, Fiona Garrivan, created this beautiful podcast. She talks about all things death and celebrating life.

Good Mourning podcast: “Our mission is to help you cope with loss, change, and adversity.”

Grief – A Guided Journal: “Grief – a guided journal has been created by Jo Betz for those wishing to explore their grief through writing, after the death of a loved one.”