Marriage Celebrant Training

I knew I wanted to be a celebrant trainer from the time I did my own initial training (which, to be honest, was underwhelming). I have one of those sponge-like brains that soaks up information, and consequently the legalities of my marriage celebrant role come easily to me. I’ve been sharing my knowledge with my celebrant networks since conducting my first wedding (several of my networking groups call me The Oracle), and now I have the opportunity to share it with the wider celebrant population.

Cert IV in Celebrancy

I’m thrilled to be the CEO of The Celebrant Institute RTO, where I’ve built a course encompassing marriage celebrant training, funeral celebrant training, other life celebrations training, plus all the knowledge you need to create and market your celebrancy small business! Click here to find out more and enquire about our courses!

Celebrant Institute

My partnership with Queensland celebrant Josh Withers is the Celebrant Institute, a place where celebrants can ask literally any question of us about running a sustainable celebrant business. Between the two of us we know most of the answers; I cover off the legal and process sides, while Josh is a marketing and technology whiz. You can also find our free podcast, The Celebrant Talk Show, on the Institute website. Come and join us


“Sarah was a breath of fresh air, and made the OPD enjoyable.”
“It’s certainly a unique skill to educate us Authorised Celebrants, to get us to shut up and listen. Job well done.”

“Best OPD in all my years as a celebrant.”


“Sarah was inclusive, knowledgeable, accommodating, good-humoured, and informative. What else can you ask for?”


“Thank you for facilitating such an informative and fun day.”


“It was the best OPD I’ve been to.”


“You were sensational! So helpful and reassuring.”


“The line of celebrants waiting to thank you personally meant that I was not the only one who thought today was so engaging.”


“I’ve been to several OPDs and by far this one was the most engaging.”


“I totally loved the day and have come home full of new ideas.”