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Plan B for extreme weather

extreme weather at weddings

I cannot stress enough how important it is to have a plan B for cases of extreme weather. After all, we do live in Melbourne and the weather is completely unpredictable! I know how special the venue you’ve chosen for your ceremony is, but it’s so important to remember that you’re holding an event and you need to look after your guests.

Wet weather

If it’s raining heavily or hailing, your guests will be wet and miserable by the time they get to the reception. I can guarantee you they are not going to enjoy themselves in that state. You’ve also got the dangers caused by the combination of water and dirt at a garden wedding. No one wants to see either of the couple slip over and end up covered in mud! At the very least, consider a marquee or umbrellas for everyone.

Extreme heat

If it’s extreme heat we’re talking about, you may think your guests can just suck it up and get a bit warm. As an example let’s consider a straight wedding. The bride, who’s usually the one to make these decisions, is out in this weather for the least amount of time. Guests will have been arriving since half an hour before the ceremony start time. The celebrant will have been there for an hour already. The groom and his attendants will be sweating it up in their gorgeous three-piece suits. Everyone will be sunburnt, sweaty and miserable on arrival at the reception. At the very least, you want to provide cool water (enough for everyone), and shade for the wedding party. I’ve even seen some couples provide parasols and sunglasses for all guests.

For all types of extreme weather…

The preference in both circumstances of course is to move venues. This might be to the other side of the park so we can be under the shade of a large tree, or to an indoor location.

Have a chat to your reception venue. They’ll often be happy to be on standby to host your ceremony in the case of extreme weather.

Remember to check in with the Bureau of Meterology in the leadup to your big day; while it may not be possible to know exactly what the temperature will be, they’ll give you an idea of whether or not to expect extreme weather.

Don’t forget that if you’re moving the ceremony, you need to have a way to let everyone know, suppliers included!

***Originally posted 8/01/2015, updated 01/09/2020***

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awesome wedding vowsYou are the best thing wedding vows
awesome wedding readingsKurt Cobain wedding reading