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Prospective Marriage Visas

Are you applying for a Prospective Marriage Visa? Do you need a letter from a celebrant confirming you have made a wedding booking? Let me help you!

You need to come and see me to complete a Notice of Intended Marriage. You’ll need to bring your birth certificate or passport, proof of the end of any previous marriages, and photos of the same documents for your partner. You’ll need to pay me a non-refundable booking fee of $225 inc GST plus a document fee of $55 inc GST; this shows you are serious about making plans for your wedding. After we meet I will email your partner overseas to ensure they are aware of the marriage and happy to go ahead; they’ll need to respond that they are. Finally I’ll send you a letter of support for inclusion with your visa application.

Once the PMV has been granted, you get in touch with me to arrange your wedding! The $225 booking fee you paid goes towards the cost of any of my three wedding packages.

Get in touch today so we can organise your first meeting!