Here’s the next in my series of awesome wedding readings you might like to include in your wedding ceremony!

Readings are absolutely not a compulsory part of a marriage ceremony. They’re a way of expressing something in a way that’s different from anything you or I can come up with, and they’re also a way of including additional people in the ceremony if you want to.

We’re not necessarily talking about Bible readings here, although you can include Bible passages if you want. You might like to consider poems, passages from films or books (especially those written for children), or song lyrics. To give an even more personal touch, some couples ask their loved ones to write something specifically for their ceremony. There are plenty of options!

Marriage Fulfills the Dreams and Love Two People Share, by Glenda Wilm

Everyone searches for one special person
They can share their lives with.
The other half who makes them whole,
Like two notes blending together to make a beautiful song,
Or the colours that complement each other to form a rainbow.

It is everyone’s wish to have a lifetime of sunny days,
A rainbow after every storm;
A lifetime of loving and living and growing and giving,
Of sharing and caring; a lifetime of days together,
Learning from the bad times and cherishing the good times.

Marriage is everything your heart desires
And the strength, courage and determination to work for it.
In marriage you take care of each other’s heart
And hold on to what you share.
You hold it gently so it doesn’t smother
And firmly so it doesn’t slip away.
Hold it so that it can grow
And you can grow together
And live and laugh and love together always.