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Recently I wrote about the things you DON’T have to include in your wedding ceremony, and suggested alternatives to some of those components. Here’s some more amazing alternative suggestions for you!


The bride doesn’t have to be escorted down the aisle by anyone, let alone by her father

The days of the bride’s father dragging escorting her down the aisle to be handed over to the groom are long gone, and there are no longer any expectations about the bride’s aisle escort. I’ve seen everyone from a bride’s dad, mum, dad and mum, aunt, sibling, grandparent, to her kids act as aisle escorts, and I’ve even seen brides walk the aisle alone or together with their soon-to-be-husband. Do you have more than one important person in your life, but a narrow aisle? No problem, just have one walk you the first half and the other, the second half.


You don’t have to have an aisle at all

This goes particularly well with the “not making a grand entrance” one – there is no reason to have an aisle, particularly if no one is going to be walking down it. If you’re both going to be there while your guests are arriving, why have an aisle between the seats? There’s no need. If you’re still making an entrance but want to do so from behind the ceremony space rather than from behind the guests, that’s your prerogative. It depends a bit on your venue and the vagaries of the space you’re working in, but aisles can be left in the supermarket if they’re not absolutely necessary.


The bride doesn’t have to be “given away”

I’ve written about this before, but this is definitely going out of fashion. A lovely alternative (apart from saying nothing at all) is given the parents/families/peeps of BOTH the bride and the groom the opportunity to affirm their support of the relationship, and to promise to continue to provide love and guidance to the couple in their new marriage. There are several different ways of doing this, depending on who you want to include.


The bride doesn’t have to carry a bouquet

SO. MANY. ALTERNATIVES. Fresh floral bouquets are beautiful, but what if it’s the wrong season for your favourite flower, or what if you’re allergic? Aside from not carrying anything at all, I’ve seen fake flowers, dried flowers, pom poms, parasols, fans, balloons, lollipops, pinwheels, and bouquets made of jewels, buttons, sequins, fabric, sheet music or book pages. This is a great opportunity to be creative and design either a bouquet that’s completely your own, or carry something completely non-bouquet like at all.


The most important thing here is if it’s not meaningful to you as a couple, don’t do it!