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Things you CAN do in your wedding ceremony – Part 1


Recently I wrote about the things you DON’T have to include in your wedding ceremony, no matter what you’ve seen on TV or what someone else told you! This time I’m taking those traditional wedding components from the last post and suggesting alternatives.

I’ve got so many of these amazing different suggestions that I’ve decided to split this post. Check out the other instalments here, here, and here!

You don’t have to have a wedding party

There is absolutely no need for you to have a wedding party. Maybe it’s too hard to choose just a few special people to stand with you. You may want to view ALL your guests as your wedding party. Alternatively, maybe you want the only people to be front and centre during this important moment to be the two of you and your celebrant. Feel happy and proud to stand up there together, just the two of you.

You don’t have to make a grand entrance

If you and your partner just want to be there together as your guests arrive, that’s absolutely fine. There is no rule that says the groom has to be one nervously waiting for the bride to turn up. There’s no rule that says anyone has to walk down an aisle. If you’re having a more relaxed, casual wedding, you might want to be different from the norm. You could be in attendance to greet your guests as they arrive. Then you can just get the ceremony started whenever it feels right.

You don’t have to stand in a line with your guests sitting in front of you

It’s pretty common for the couple to stand in the middle with their attendants out to either side. The guests then sit in rows in front of them, like in a theatre. But there’s nothing wrong with being different and thinking outside the square here. Have you thought about seating your guests in a giant circle around the ceremony space, surrounding the couple with their love?

One party (often the groom) doesn’t have to wait for the other party (often the bride) at the end of the aisle

You know what? If the bride gets to make a grand entrance, why shouldn’t the groom? I love it when my grooms take the opportunity to also have a special moment. And they get to choose what music to enter the space to! My most memorable instance of this to date involved the Indiana Jones theme music… Alternatively the couple might want to make their entrance together, and why shouldn’t they? Walk into your marriage the way you intend to walk through life – together.

I hope it’s become apparent that the whole point here is that there are next to no rules, just what is meaningful for you as a couple for your special day. I am flexible and adaptable enough that I can cope with any idea you throw at me, and I firmly believe that marriage ceremonies should be personalised, meaningful, and all about YOU.

***Originally posted 23/02/2016, updated 01/09/2021***

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awesome wedding vowsA loving family wedding vows
awesome wedding readingsI Carry Your Heart With Me wedding reading