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Everyone complimented us on such a great fun ceremony and all of that was thanks to you, they said you made them feel at ease and welcome and that’s the style we were looking for!

We loved absolutely every second of our ceremony, and we absolutely adore Sarah!

Sarah, you were exactly what we were looking for in a celebrant, vibrant, witty and most of all you had everything under control!

Sarah is a superstar!!!

Sarah you were absolutely perfect! Fun and personal, organised and just bloody brilliant.

Sarah was an absolute delight to work with and I can highly recommend her

Just wanted to say thank you so much for creating a ceremony that was a true reflection of us. Sarah was so organised and patient and we feel so lucky to have stumbled across her! Your warmth and humour truly set the tone for the whole day!

Melbourne Wedding Celebrant

As your Melbourne Wedding Celebrant it is my absolute privilege to be entrusted with creating a beautiful ceremony for what is, for many people, the most important life milestone they’ve celebrated so far. I feel very lucky and touched that so many couples have put this responsibility in my hands, and I work hard to ensure that the ceremony I design for them is a reflection of who they are, both as individuals and as a couple. It’s very rare these days to see the kind of raw emotion that we see at weddings, and I love it when my couples and their guests laugh and cry their way through my ceremonies!

The couples I work with are all different ages, genders, shapes and sizes, but the one thing they have in common is that they all value their wedding ceremony as the beginning of their marriage. They want to celebrate this important transitional event with their families and friends through a ceremony that is uniquely theirs. If that sounds like you, please read on!

I provide you with a comprehensive ceremony builder booklet with lots of ideas and samples for things you might want to include in your ceremony. I’m completely open to whatever traditional or whacky ideas you would like to incorporate, and I am good enough that I can manage anything you throw at me. I am above all organised and efficient, so you don’t have to worry about chasing me up or reminding me to book your rehearsal – I’m all over it!

I’m highly likely to be just as excited (if not more so at times!) as you are about your wedding day. However, as much as I love to have fun on the day, I am also across every little detail. I want you to be able to enjoy your ceremony and relax completely knowing that I have it all in hand.

I have an immense passion for the performing arts and all pop culture, and would be delighted to incorporate quotes, readings, music or snippets from films, music, shows, or TV into your ceremony if you wish!

So if you’re looking for an award-winning, vivacious, professional Marriage Celebrant, or information about my Marriage Celebrant Fees please get in touch with me today!

(Please note I don’t do weddings on the beach, they’re just not my thing. If you’d like to hold your wedding on the beach, I recommend you contact Shannon Jeans – she loves beach weddings!)

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Premium Personalised
$From 1200 inc GST
It’s important to me that your wedding reflects who are you as individuals and as a couple, and as long as we include the 124 legally required words, the ceremony can take whatever theme or format you like!
Two meetings plus rehearsal
Unlimited phone and email contact - I'm always available!
An awesome handbook filled with samples and suggestions for your ceremony
Supply, completion and lodgement of all legally required paperwork
Travel within 40km of Glen Iris (additional fees may apply to further distances)
My high quality PA system that plays music and has microphones
Purchase of your government marriage certificate from BDM
Short & Sweet
$From 750 inc GST
This ceremony is designed for couples wanting a short and sweet standard ceremony: you might be eloping or it might be your second marriage.
One meeting
A standard wedding ceremony that can be personalised in a few important ways
An awesome handbook
Supply, completion and lodgement of all legally required paperwork
Travel within 40km of Glen Iris (additional fees may apply for further distances)
Purchase of your government marriage certificate from BDM
Legals Only
$From 450 inc GST
This is the absolute bare minimum - we say the 124 legally-required words, sign some paperwork, and you're on your way!
One pre-wedding meeting to complete the legally required paperwork
The bare minimum ceremony - you, me, two witnesses, 124 legally-required words, some paperwork
Supply, completion and lodgement of all legally required paperwork
Only available at Malvern Public Gardens or Sugo Italian Restaurant in Malvern
Purchase of your government marriage certificate from BDM