This entry is part 28 of 53 in the series Awesome Wedding Vows
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You are my champion wedding vows

awesome wedding vows
This entry is part 28 of 53 in the series Awesome Wedding Vows

Here’s the next set of awesome wedding vows in my series of amazing (de-identified) vows from one of my beautiful couples!

Some of my couples have written such incredible words of love and promise, and I thought they’d act as great inspiration for other couples who have no idea where to start when writing their own vows. While I provide all my couples with a vow pack that contains questions to get you started and loads of individual sentences that can be put together to create vows (and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that), the vows in this series all include the kind of personal touches that I think make wedding vows beautiful and genuine. To me, the most successful vows are personal, from the heart, and written in language the speaker would use in their everyday life.

Also remember: the word vow means promise. While we all love hearing all the reasons you love your partner, your vows are your chance to tell your partner all the things you are promising them for your lives together into the future. Don’t forget the promises!

A reminder: these vows are published to inspire you and provide you with some ideas for writing your vows. They’re not here so you can copy them word for word!

Also remember these don’t include the legally required vows – those words generally go at the start of these ones.

Party 1

I promise that I am old. Very old. Because of this I promise to let you support me when I retire in five years. Golf, sushi and wine every day sounds about right!!

Today is a very special day and one of the most exciting days in my life. It is a day that cements the feelings I have had for you since the day I met you. When we met, I was attracted to your gorgeous eyes and beautiful smile. The more time we spent together, I started to see the true inner gem that you are. I started to see someone who was not just beautiful on the outside but beautiful on the inside, a person who put others first, before herself, who put me, some old balding, grey haired guy before herself. I was not deserving of someone like this.

Then I witnessed you with my kids; the way you made them your own; how you love them and how they love you back; how you have made us a family. This is your true inner beauty shining and puts a smile on my face every day.

Then the greatest thing happened, the power of the 0.01%. We are expecting a child, our son and brother to our other children. Expanding our beautiful family.

So yes, today is a special day. But to me every day is special, because I am with you, and I know we will be together for the rest of our lives.

So my real promises to you are:

I promise to support our goals and dreams. To experience the fullness of life with you.
I promise to continue to learn from and with you and your unbelievably positive attitude about everyone and everything.
I promise to fall asleep with you every night with my hand on your backside, as it makes you feel safe and secure.
I promise to wake up every morning and give you a kiss and let you know that, not only is everything good, but you and I and our relationship is amazing.

I promise to continue to love you now and forever.

Party 2

Our lives have never followed the typical fairytale story line. You don’t grow up expecting the love of your life to be more than a decade older than you, divorced, with two kids. But you absolutely floored me. You will never know how eternally thankful and lucky I feel every day that I stumbled upon you. You showed me that my independence and strong will was something to be valued, not hidden away, and that partnership and friendship were the most important things in a relationship. And you brought two of the best things that have ever happened to me into my life.

I’m not overly comfortable with the terms soulmate or best friend, because those names don’t reflect what you are to me. You are my champion, without ever being asked to be, and you champion me to others when I refuse to do it myself. You are my sparring partner, my partner in crime, and my partner in whatever comes next.

Not many people get to see the side of you I get to see every day: the side where your bravado disappears; the side that has you learning every word to a Moana song, or a Taekwondo pattern just to help the kids with their next performance or competition; the side that has you waiting up till stupid o’clock in the morning for me to come home just so we can sit together and talk because we haven’t seen each other awake in weeks. You’re not just a good man, you’re a great man… a great father and an amazing partner. And you make me feel like I can achieve anything when you’re standing by my side.

So a few promises before this all becomes official then…

I promise that the children and however many more join our little circus will always know how loved they are by me. They may not always like me, but they’ll never question how loved they are.
I promise to always be honest with you, unless I’m trying to organise some amazing surprise but you usually manage to find out about them anyway.
I promise to always have your back, in good times and bad. I’ve got you. Together we can achieve anything. Nothing is out of reach and no dream we have is stupid.
I know sometimes you can get stuck on the negative things happening in our lives, so I promise to occasionally grab your arm and make you stop and remember how amazingly lucky we are to have the family we do and that the rest just doesn’t matter.
And I promise that when we fight, which we will, that I’ll fight fair.

So after all that I know you’re not perfect, but you’re perfect for me, and nothing in this world would make me happier than to be your wife.


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